Macs Cortella
Back In The Game

Back In The Game


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Macs is back! Well to be more precise: Macs Cortella hasn’t been here yet, but now he is and rhymes don’t lie. Well and even if it didn’t rhyme – just play ‘Back In The Game’ on your local CDJ and you know instantly: it’s a captivating bassline, it’s a captivating chant, you know it’s gonna work on your floor and if you’re not quite sure then listen to Freiboitar’s remix. His rework is even deeper than the original but nevertheless a real head nodder. Irresistible. Still questions? Don’t get me stared about this Macs guy though. There’s only ‘One Direction’ for him and that’s right down that alley there. This one is straight up and straight ahead. We will hear so much more of him and we will enjoy it. That’s an order.
Early DJ support by nice people like Gorgon City, Sasha, Pacao Osuna, Mat.Joe, Robert Owens, Dompe, Jacky or Shinichi Osawa…