[SR10] All Night Love / Sexy Thing (VINYL ONLY)

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    Samosa Records
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[SR10] All Night Love / Sexy Thing (VINYL ONLY)


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Welcome JazzyFunk on Samosa family!!! Samosa Records is the fast-rising disco label from Rome stalwarts De Gama and Les Inferno. Pushing all manner of funk fuelled flavours that incorporate Afro, Brazilian, Latin and Boogie sounds into disco house templates, it’s a label that can be relied on for surefire dancefloor heaters.

Italian house producer JazzyFunk makes an appearance on Samosa Records with this strident, colourful slice of disco house which positively bursts out of the confines of the 10″ grooves. “All Night Love” is all slick licks, MIDI brass parps and a classic diva vocal turn over the top. It builds up nicely and it drops in style, making all the moves you want to set the place alight. “Sexy Thing” has a more romantic lilt to it thanks to swooning strings and sassy sax, but peak time good times are still the order of the day so you can be sure this one pumps where it counts.