Infinity Remixed (CD)


A special edition of  ‘Infinity Remixed’ the second album from JazzyFunk totally remixed by Duskope, Seph Martin, Adam Nova, Sinner & James, N2N, 84Bit, Macs Cortella, B&S Concept. The album has a unique sound as it takes a profound return to the the 80s. All the tracks are made with analog equipment, from Roland for grooves and drums, to Korg and Moog synths for all the arrangement parts of the synthesizers. A very nostalgic style that takes us back to the past, but with a touch of originality linked to the deep house scenes of the moment.

1) Get Up (Stand Up) (Duskope Remix)
2) Back To You (Seph Martin Remix)
3) All Wrong feat. IDA fLO (Adam Nova Remix)
4) What You’ve Done To Me (Sinner & James Remix)
5) Sun Goes Down (N2N Remix)
6) Take Me Higher (84Bit Remix)
7) Night Time feat. Pyma (Macs Cortella Remix)
8) Burning On (B&S Concept Remix)

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