Less Is More Remixed (CD)


A special edition of  ‘Less Is More’ the debut artist album from JazzyFunk. In his first album, JazzyFunk is at it’s deepest with assured 12 tracks come together to create an album full of varied colours and atmospheric textures. With this new stile JazzyFunk seeks not to create a monotone and obvious music, but a new one line of great depth and harmony. A different point of view with a tireless desire for creativity and new music.

1) Gime Me Your Attention ft. Bavanandan (Raw Underground Remix)
2) Own the Night ft. Spencer Nezey (Miky Falcone & Fabio Morello Remix)
3) Summer Somewhere ft. Young Galaxy (Macs Cortella Remix)
4) Let’s Get out of Here (PEZNT Remix)
5) Give It Up ft. Ron Carroll Dry & Bolinger Remix)
6) Holy Ghost ft. James Kakande (CASSIMM Remix)
7) Only For You ft. Camille Safiya Patrick Podage Remix)
8) In My Head ft. Andre Espeut Sebastian Gnewkow Remix)
9) Drumstar (Dam Paul Remix)
10) The Real Thing ft. Pyma GrooveU Remix)
11) Lost Frequencies ft. Joe Le Groove (Brad Brunner Remix)
12) The Blue ft. Pyma (Dizharmonia Remix)

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